Free Trade? March 10 2017

The foundation of true freedom and liberty is the freedom to live without restriction.  This freedom is an essential argument for FREE TRADE.  

Today's "conservative" leaders are using fear, an age old tactic to encourage citizens to volunteer their liberty, to impose trade restrictions.  These restrictions are under the guise of "keeping American jobs in America", but are really just the latest incarnation of "nationalism".  

As a Young Libertarian, it is essential to understand the delicate balance of security and liberty; to understand where nationalism begins; and to be keenly aware of the potential shift in "conservative" ideals.

Being a Young Libertarian doesn't mean humming the Republican tune; it means thinking pragmatically and reasonably. It means believing in your own ideals and not what the right believes solely because it's better than the left.

There are options that are better. You are better. Young Libertarians are better.